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Shared Services Name Primary Function Type Scope Status Year Data Owner Number of Partners
Birch Lake (Elk Rapids Township) Sewer Customers
Cedar Area Fire & Rescue
CLEMIS - Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information Systems
Consolidation/Cross Training of Job Classifications
DDA/Chamber of Commerce Contract for Services
Fencing Community Recycling Area
Grand Haven Main Street Downtown Development Authority
Joint Salt Storage Facility (ended October 2014)
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
Littlefield Alanson Community Building
Michigan Public Power Agency
Munetrix Timeline
Phase #3 of Fencing Community Recycling Area
Salt Storage/Ice Control Materials Purchasing Agreement
Sanctuary Island 3 in- ground trash recptacles
Shared Government Center
Street Resurface/Water Main Project Coordination
TF09-114 Sanctuary Island Boardwalk Project
Upgrade of Community Recycling Area
Village of Alanson - Littlefield Township Joint Employee
Village of Alanson - Littlefield Township Master Recreation Plan
Village/Township Collaborative Master Plan
Results: 1 - 22 of 22
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