Why it Matters: The purpose of the report is to count students who were identified as being eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. Data is pulled from the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) using Good Student Records. There is a strong correlation between the number of Free & Reduced Lunch students and At-risk students; implying a higher level of special needs. (n092) (o126)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the Michigan Department of Education, Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) Financial Information Database (FID). Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. (n040)

Data Table for Tawas Schools Comparable Districts Free & Reduced Lunch Counts

District NameYearFree EligibleReduced EligibleNot EligibleTotal Eligible(Free+Reduced)
Crawford Ausable Schools20119351896591124
Crawford Ausable Schools20128821726131054
Crawford Ausable Schools20138901376121027
Crawford Ausable Schools2014821153680974
Crawford Ausable Schools2015754158674912
Crawford Ausable Schools2016744133703877
Hale Area Schools201137257168429
Hale Area Schools201241439137453
Hale Area Schools20133353798372
Hale Area Schools201433822102360
Hale Area Schools201526433145297
Hale Area Schools201625043122293
Houghton Lake Community Schools20119941125591106
Houghton Lake Community Schools201210611124221173
Houghton Lake Community Schools20131029864101115
Houghton Lake Community Schools2014993713781064
Houghton Lake Community Schools2015946733451019
Houghton Lake Community Schools201688396329979
Oscoda Area Schools2011824100423924
Oscoda Area Schools201281692386908
Oscoda Area Schools201386590333955
Oscoda Area Schools201478995356884
Oscoda Area Schools201565990459749
Oscoda Area Schools2016681105390786
Pinconning Area Schools2011658130675788
Pinconning Area Schools2011658130675788
Pinconning Area Schools2012651127696778
Pinconning Area Schools2012651127696778
Pinconning Area Schools2013618152645770
Pinconning Area Schools2013618152645770
Pinconning Area Schools2014621146588767
Pinconning Area Schools2014621146588767
Pinconning Area Schools2015615119560734
Pinconning Area Schools2015615119560734
Pinconning Area Schools2016586133577719
Pinconning Area Schools2016586133577719
Roscommon Area Public Schools201177086602856
Roscommon Area Public Schools201276598540863
Roscommon Area Public Schools2013627122426749
Roscommon Area Public Schools2014631120405751
Roscommon Area Public Schools201550256543558
Roscommon Area Public Schools201646192481553
Standish-Sterling Community Schools2011814171766985
Standish-Sterling Community Schools2012764169778933
Standish-Sterling Community Schools2013791193660984
Standish-Sterling Community Schools2014747131779878
Standish-Sterling Community Schools2015728177696905
Standish-Sterling Community Schools2016764132688896
Tawas Area Schools201154893630641
Tawas Area Schools201260779618686
Tawas Area Schools201359070618660
Tawas Area Schools201457578597653
Tawas Area Schools201559587570682
Tawas Area Schools2016554103560657
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools201111461539651299
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools201211422088561350
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools201311192348291353
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools201410932037651296
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools201510981587681256
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools201610801527821232
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools201178260170842
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools201276276179838
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools201374469156813
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools201471165118776
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools201565171145722
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools201659965174664