Why it Matters: It can be argued that there is a correlation between enrollment loss and fiscal health. Enrollment loss can be caused by many factors (economy, demographics, migration, etc.,) and thus changes the amount of revenue provided by the state from their allocation of Foundation Allowance (FA). This Enrollment indicator measures enrollment change. School Districts can manage a trivial loss in enrollment. If a district lost enrollment more than -2.7%, then it scores a 1, otherwise it is assigned a 0. A chronic trend in enrollment declines is a sign of fiscal distress. For this reason, the indicator score is based on three years of enrollment change. (n050) (o97)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the Michigan Department of Education, Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) Financial Information Database (FID). Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. (n040)

Enrollment Numbers Per Year for Tawas Schools Comparable Districts

District Name200520062007200820092010201120122013201420152016201720182019
Crawford Ausable Schools2038198819071882180017811758166816411594159115961628
Hale Area Schools780739696683643643623604552460459438414
Houghton Lake Community Schools2063197418581757168416331645160915961451145213751319
Oscoda Area Schools1619158515391493140413441358131812941264.13123812071178
Pinconning Area Schools3880373435503394330431543020299828802698258225922646
Roscommon Area Public Schools1789176017501687160515291534146713561151114910991058
Standish-Sterling Community Schools1890187718121816180617851739170916451650159815781533
Tawas Area Schools14791469148314701435138112861296127712501249122412411260.171260
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools2538251025132465236523222282220521782056201520122058
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools13341305126612091180107410111010973892871842801