Why it Matters: The "Stress Meter" provides an overview of the Indicator Scores. This graph is referred to as a "Broad Brush" picture. The graph allows us to get an overall picture of the soundness of local governments, the trend of stability over time, and to quickly identify local units that are most in need of help. The lower the number the more fiscally sound a local unit is determined to be. There are three categories of scores grouped by color; shades of green, blue and red. As you might have guessed, the picture displays a trend looking from left to right of locals units moving from dark green to light green, the light greens transitioning to blue, and an increasing number of reds. (n080) (o56)

Data Source: Historical Revenue & Expense data has been loaded from state available public data that each municipality files annually, and includes all fund types. Future Year data is loaded from the community's own budget or forecast projections and typically only includes General and other Governmental Funds. (n016)