Why it Matters: Total expenses have been bucketed into major categories. Public safety includes police, fire and dispatch; General Government includes all administrative functions including Clerk, IT, Assessing and Elected Officials. Public works includes water, sewer and electric (if applicable). The data includes all fund types. (n012) (o81)

Data Source: Historical Revenue & Expense data has been loaded from state available public data that each municipality files annually, and includes all fund types. Future Year data is loaded from the community's own budget or forecast projections and typically only includes General and other Governmental Funds. (n016)

Data Table

MunicipalityCountyPopulationPublic Works DepartmentGeneral GovernmentOther
Independence TownshipOakland County36,347$144$82$0
Waterford TownshipOakland County73,040$145$77$19
White Lake TownshipOakland County31,355$118$82$0