Why it Matters: The Expenditures Analysis graph correlates the size of municipalities, as measured by Total Expenditures, and Expenditures per capita respectively. The municipality on the far right has the largest budget. The municipality on the far left has the smallest budget. The higher up you travel on the graph indicates municipalities that spend the most per capita. For comparison purposes, Capital Outlay and Extraordinary Items have been excluded from the Expenditures Calculations. (n015) (o19)

Data Source: Historical Revenue & Expense data has been loaded from state available public data that each municipality files annually, and includes all fund types. Future Year data is loaded from the community's own budget or forecast projections and typically only includes General and other Governmental Funds. (n016)

Southwestern Michigan Commission - Data Table

MunicipalityLies WithinPopulationTotal
Revenues per
BarodaBerrien County846$498,57113$58913
Berrien SpringsBerrien County1,752$1,670,6922$9545
BloomingdaleVan Buren County440$445,61914$1,0133
BreedsvilleVan Buren County197$96,16219$48817
CassopolisCass County1,725$1,488,9843$8636
DecaturVan Buren County1,762$1,158,4346$65711
Eau ClaireBerrien County615$351,43815$57114
EdwardsburgCass County1,222$680,80811$55715
GalienBerrien County531$208,62116$39318
Grand BeachBerrien County278$1,270,0944$4,5691
LawrenceVan Buren County977$517,85712$53016
MarcellusCass County1,151$836,2458$7278
MattawanVan Buren County1,944$1,149,3087$59112
MichianaBerrien County181$823,0269$4,5472
Paw PawVan Buren County3,448$3,434,0091$9964
ShorehamBerrien County848$190,71418$22519
StevensvilleBerrien County1,119$806,03610$7209
Three OaksBerrien County1,569$1,180,3335$7527
VandaliaCass County295$200,67717$68010

1Rank is based on Total Revenues (excluding extraordinary Revenue items).

2Rank is based on Revenues per Resident.