The Easier Project Management Tool

ProjecTracker™ is a multi-purpose utility that helps keep your life in order with easy-to-use task management tools and reminders.


  • Never forget a task or compliance issue using this simple calendaring and reminder tool.

  • Great for open issues logs or “to-do” lists to track council, board or other departmental action items

  • Full on Gantt project management tool with built-in reminders and workflows

  • Increases success with succession planning by adding a vertical element to a horizontal management activity

  • Tasks and projects are are assigned to the role and not a person. The person can change, but the role typically doesn’t

  • Protect your institutional knowledge. Be sure “the next person” has everything they need to do their job from day one.


  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs make it such that anybody can understand and use the tool

  • Copy tasks forward when completed to make sure it is ready for the next year or next person

  • Benefits every department manager in any organization, and as revolutionary as the Franklin Planner was

  • Multiple workflow templates, including those for school improvement plans, new hire on-boarding, finance and administrator compliance checklists

Nothing tells a story better than a picture – and project timelines are no exception
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