Ever wonder where your hard earned tax dollars go or why your local government fixed the roads versus funding the library, or how that school bond you voted for is being used? It's all right here, at your fingertips and displayed in the simplest of formats.


Tired of running your operation with limited or incomplete metrics? Tell or sell your story with the right data. Make informed decisions that benefit your citizens and community using our simple yet powerful tools - and save countless man-hours in the process.


Teaching the next generation of adults is challenge enough. Having to worry about funding and where it will be spent is an even more daunting task. Our predictive forecasting tool allows you to meet your transparency requirements with the least amount of work.


Sharing information is the best form of collaboration. Munetrix has created a dynamic repository of best practices and collaborations that can be easily searched for new and creative ways to generate efficiencies, while learning from others.

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