swissarmy2Munetrix has transformed itself from a transparency data-warehouse to a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service Platform in 2013.

We have launched a host of new features available to all users with level 3 access


The BudgetBuilder tool is designed to provide a quick method of creating a top-down budget or forecast for multi-year budgeting. Users can quickly test a variety of revenue, cost and service assumptions to see where they will take a city’s or school district’s financial position in the future. Predictions are supported with easy-to-understand graphics, because, as we all know, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. BudgetBuilder is great for allowing municipalities and school districts to build a fiscal roadmap, with up to five scenarios per year that enable administrators to test the implications of assumptions. The tool is great for internal or public participatory budgeting workshops, clearly displaying the outcomes of assumptions graphically and instantaneously.


Ideas are great. Follow-through, however, takes work, coordination and accountability. That’s why Munetrix built our new ProjectTracker tool, to facilitate that follow-through.

ProjectTracker allows users to enter in objectives, break them down into tasks, and assign roles, responsibilities, and time frames—all within the Munetrix interface. The interface can be revisited at council and commission meetings and updated as participants report on progress. Just one more way to help keep local government accountable!

DebtManager ( for Auditor Workpapers)

The thought of “the auditor” can make people cringe. But when it’s time for the audit, you’ll be glad to have Munetrix’s DebtManager for your Auditor Workpapers Tool. It enables users to produce clean, easy-to-understand summaries of debt management activities.

Overlapping Debt Report

A new data sharing arrangement with the Municipal Advisory Council of Michigan gives Munetrix users one-click access to MAC’s Debt Statement Repots tracked by the organization—whether direct, indirect, or overlapping. The data is presented on a per-capita basis and as a percentage of taxable value.

Investor Report

Munetrix has made the process of preparing reports for financial advisors and underwriters as easy as one click. Instead of the time-heavy and error-prone process of manually gathering the information, Munetrix spits it out in a single, easy-to-understand report aimed at clearly communicating data and fiscal measurements, including a financial health indication scorecard of school district and municipal information, for investors.

Data Improvements

We are constantly working to improve the accuracy and timeliness of all of the data supporting Munetrix. To that end, we have made the following improvements over the last year:

The partnership with MAC means taxable values are now synced to match precisely the fiscal year to which they apply.
Millage rates will be hidden from public view since this has also been an area of inconsistent data. This year, we will build a new table for millage rates that will ultimately allow for local units to do better comparisons with a more robust data set.
Population estimates will be updated for 2011 and 2012. This will likely alter some fiscal scores, so we will be sure to communicate this and all the data changes to you multiple times.
Some have referred to Munetrix as the Swiss Army Knife in the municipal toolbox. Call it what you want, but our customers are telling us it is a life saver!

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