collabWhat do Munetrix and Facebook have in common?

More than you might think.

Unlike Facebook, Munetrix is all about productivity. Munetrix is a firm believer that there is no value to reinventing the wheel.  What we believe is valuable, however, is that sharing the design and schematics of the invention of the wheel so that others can benefit from it is important.

That’s why Munetrix, in addition to hosting powerful financial and transparency forecasting tools, is designed to function as a socially networked collaborative hub for school and municipal administrators.  A special web-based portal and database inside Munetrix now stores more than 800 best practices and ideas that are searchable for others to learn from.

Local government administrators and employees can search the common database by over 30 functional or departmental filters to discover unique collaborations that saved local governments or school districts time and money.  

The database includes information on challenges encountered and how much was invested and or saved in the enterprise, and allows users to communicate directly with one another from within the system.

When a user enters a new collaboration into the tool, they basically “tag” other Munetrix users to identify them as a partner on the project – much like one would tag a friend in a Facebook picture. The tagged partner even receives an email that let’s them know they’ve been tagged in a collaboration in Munetrix, and they are invited to add their own commentary to the record.  That of course, only happens if they have registered in, or are licensed users of the system.

Examples of collaborative endeavors currently archived within the Munetrix include:

  • A cooperative technology agreement between four school districts
  • Shared administrative buildings between a school district and a city
  • A water resources stewardship partnership of 45 communities
  • Cooperative tree purchasing programs between cities and counties
  • Shared assessing, first responder, and DPW resources
  • ..and more!

Is it Facebook?  No!  It’s actually something that enhances productivity!

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