Case Studies

Download our recent case studies to learn more about our work.

City of Warren

Warren, a city in Southeast Michigan with a population of 134,000 and an operating budget of $100,000,000 found itself needing voter support to build their sustainbility plan. Read how they used Munetrix to model budget scenarios and communicate their needs effectively with the citizens- and succesfully raised their operating millage with outstanding resident support.

Marquette Public Schools

Read how super-user Marquette Public Schools, a mid-sized Upper Peninsula, Michigian public school district uses Munetrix in open meetings to keep board members and thier citizenery informed on current and future fiscal reponsibility matters. Marquette uses Munetrix for Performances Management as well as to model future budgets, weighing operational performance against Key Performance Indicators.

City of Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills, a city of 21,000 with an annual operating budget of $26,000,000 found $800,000 in savings in Munetrix while building a long term sustainability plan will allow them to fund their infrastructure needs, increased funding for pension and OPEB obligations while continuing to deliver effective services to their residents. Learn how city council and the citizens responded.

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