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Collaboration Type Primary Purpose Data Owner Partners Status
"Energy Smart' Energy Optimization Program
"Integrated Community-Based (Mental Health) Services" for Delinquent Youth
1 - Washtenaw
24hr Public Safety Coverage for Entire County
3rd Party Coaches and Substitute Teachers
48th District Court
67th and 68th District Court (McCree Project)
911 consolidates with County 911
911 Dispatch Center
911 Dispatch Collaboration
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable & Payroll
Administration Centralization - Health and Human Services
Administration Position Restructuring
Administrative Building Venture
Administrative Responsiblities Realignment
Administrative Staff
Ads/Marketing - Farmers Market
Adult Case Management System (ACMS)
ADW - Alliance of Downriver Watersheds
Affordable police presence
Alaiedon Township Fire Agreement
Alger County Central Dispatch Authority
Alger County Humane Society
Alger Max Prison
All Ages Summer Rec Program
Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC)
Alpena County intergovernmental Council
ALPRS - Automated License Plate Reading System
Alternative School Project
ALTRAN Support
Ambulance Authority
Ambulance Service
Ambulance Service
Animal Control
Animal Control Services
Ann Arbor Transportation Authority
Annual Tree Purchase
Arson Fire Investigation Team
AS400 Court Shared Services
Assessing and Treasurer's Office Cross-training
Assessing Privatized
Assessing Services
Assessing Services
Assessor services
Assistance to Firefighters Grant Application
Association & Academy Membership
Auto Aid Agreement with Cities of Hazel Park and Madison Heights
Auto Theft Investigation
Automatic Aid Agreement
Automatic Fire Response
Automation Alley
Autopsy Services - Wayne County Medical Examiner
Auxiliary Police Reserve Program
Beautification Projects
Beaverton Rural Fire District
Benton Harbor Area Schools Security Service
Birch Lake (Elk Rapids Township) Sewer Customers
Birmingham Area Cable Board (BACB) programs
Bishop Airport Authority
Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Bloomfield Hills Schools Building Inspection
Bloomfield Hills Schools Election Training
Bloomfield Hills Schools Fuel
Bloomfield Hills Schools Liaison Officers
Bloomfield Hills Schools Road Materials
Bloomfield Hills Schools Security Officer
Bloomfield Village Police Services
Boy Scouts Firing Range
Brighton Area Fire Collaboration
Brownfield Authority
Brownfield Redevelopment
Building Department
Building Department Privatized
Building Inspection
Building Inspection & Plan Review Services
Building Inspection Contract
Building inspections and plan review
Building Permits and Inspection
Bus Mechanic
Bus Mechanic
Bus Mechanic
Business Assistance Team
Business Office Services
Business Services
Business Services
Cable Services
Cable TV Broadcast Collaboration
Cable TV Franchise Audit
Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch
Calhoun County Sheriff Office
CAMS - Collaborative Asset Management System
Canton Township Schools Construction Collaboration
Capital Area Emergency Services Training Consortium
Carson City Fire Department
Carson City Police Expanded Purchasing
Cedar Area Fire & Rescue
Center for Active Adults
Center Line/Warren Special Response Team (SRT)
Results: 1 - 100 of 883
Pages: |<< << 1, 2, 3, 4, ... >> >>|
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