Why it Matters: Unfunded pensions and unfunded retiree health care as shown here are determined based on actuarial assessments of asset values and long-term liabilities. Even a "fully-funded" pension system according to annual required contributions (ARC) could be underfunded in a given year, depending on market conditions. (n031) (o23)

Data Source: This information is generally found in the footnote disclosures of your municipality's annual financial statements; it is also available in your community's actuarial valuations. (n033)
Data Table for Ypsilanti City Pension Fund Status Actual Dollar Amounts
Pension Assets47,211,64447,659,28149,511,61850,467,61850,048,86649,444,80749,444,80741,191,91446,111,09347,973,49943,884,10044,568,338
Pension Obligations43,076,72546,251,22648,117,01149,845,17751,139,50553,923,35553,923,35549,165,76557,418,50958,010,53060,936,43460,248,107
Percent Funded109.6%103.0%102.9%101.2%97.9%91.7%91.7%83.8%80.3%82.7%72.0%74.0%